The MEDA Presidents’ Council

Choosing the right course of action in a new initiative or role is exciting and challenging at the same time. Relying on trusted leaders for advice affirms the steps ahead and helps economic development professionals expand their impact. A complimentary offering to our members, consultation with the MEDA Presidents’ Council equips professionals, board members, elected officials, and team members with the perspectives to proceed with confidence.

Rooted in flexibility, sessions may be conducted one-on-one or in a group setting–virtually, or in person. This free resource helps members approach their work purposefully, educating themselves and others on considerations every step of the way. Expertise includes but is not limited to:

-Board training


-Program assessment

-Strategic planning

To schedule a session with one or more members of the MEDA Presidents’ Council, please contact us at 410-347-1246 or email

Current Active Members of the MEDA Presidents’ Council:

The MEDA Presidents’ Council consists of a group of economic development professionals who have a wealth of knowledge in the field. Please contact us to schedule your confidential meeting.

  • David Edgerley
  • James D. Fielder, Jr. PhD
  • Michael S. Lofton, CEcD
  • Mary A. Burkholder
  • David Ryan
  • Robert C. Brennan
  • William Badger, Jr. CEcD
  • Vernon Thompson
  • Marie S. Keegin, CEcD
  • Timothy R. Troxell, CEcD
  • J. Thomas Sadowski
  • David S. Iannucci
  • Laurie Boyer Babb, CEcD
  • Lawrence Twele, CEcD
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Heather Gramm, CEcD