Bills of Interest

MEDA has adopted an effort to promote economic development as a valuable investment for Maryland, its counties, and its municipalities.


The primary mission of the Public Policy Committee will be to make MEDA members aware of public policy issues related to jobs and investment at the state and local levels.  The Committee will also work with elected and appointed officials to increase their understanding of economic development and the impact of public policy on creating and retaining jobs in Maryland.  Finally, the Committee will assist MEDA members with training to become more effective in engaging with elected and appointed officials.

MEDA and The MEDA Foundation, Inc. do not take a position on any bills and do not lobby.  The following links are provided for the purpose of informing our members.

Access House Bills here, and access Senate Bills here.

To view the 2024 Senate General Witness Committee Guidelines, click here.

To view the 2024 House of Delegates Protocols, click here.

To access the bills being reviewed at MACO, click here.

To access the bills being reviewed by MML, click here.

Using annual survey data collected over the past two years from local county economic development offices, Salisbury University’s BEACON and MEDA’s Public Policy Committee found that, on average, every dollar invested in county economic development operations in Maryland generates approximately $9.17 in state and local tax revenue. Read more about the key findings of the Economic Development Awareness Study by clicking here.