About MEDA

Our Mission

The Maryland Economic Development Association (MEDA) enhances the knowledge and skills of its members, encourages partnerships and networking among people committed to bringing jobs and capital to Maryland, and promotes economic development as an investment in Maryland.

About MEDA

MEDA is a nonprofit organization of economic development professionals. Established in 1961, MEDA members promote the economic well-being of Maryland by working to improve the state’s business climate and the professionalism of those in the field of economic development.

MEDA’s membership includes economic development practitioners employed by government, business, and chambers of commerce as well as other professionals with an interest in the economy of Maryland. Through its regular meetings, special programs, and projects, members address such diverse issues as local planning, workforce, transportation, international trade, tourism, and finance.

Below is the 2022/2023 Year In Review!

  • Executive Director, Pam Ruff: contact by email at pamr@medamd.com, by phone at 410-347-1246,  or USPS at PO Box 27039, Baltimore, MD 21230
  • Member Services, Margaret Bollhorst: contact by email at margaretb@medamd.com
  • For general information about MEDA, email info@medamd.com