Economic Development … Transforms Lives

Economic development is often misunderstood by those it means the most to – specifically community leaders and their constituents. It is not merely tax incentives or real estate transactions…it is about transforming lives.  The Maryland Economic Development Association has taken on the mission this year to change and amplify the narrative of economic development. By letting stakeholders know that economic development creates opportunities, inspires innovation and enhances communities, we believe that the need for a comprehensive economic development function within a given jurisdiction will be better understood, supported and funded. This is about advancing the discipline of economic development.

Economic Development … Transforms lives

  • Create opportunities
  • Inspire innovation
  • Enriches communities

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During the 2016 MEDA Annual Conference, Larry Twele, CEcD presented an Ignite presentation “Economic Development – Transforming Lives’. Here’s the video and slide deck for that presentation:

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Advancing Your Community…Techniques for Economic Development Strategies