Membership Committee

The MEDA Membership Committee acts as a liaison between members and the Board of Directors. The Membership Committee also introduces new members to the organization. Committee members serve a one-year term.

MEDA members, nearly 500 strong and growing, are invested in job creation and improving the state’s business climate. They come from a broad range of professional backgrounds, including:

  • Private sector professionals with an interest in economic development.
  • State officials involved in economic development, workforce development, community development, land planning, minority business, the environment, and other key areas.
  • Local public sector employees involved in economic development programs in counties and municipalities.
  • Other members include national and international economic development leaders, transportation leaders, business consultants, and educators.


  • Kiesha Haughton, Managing Director, Maryland Women’s Business Center (MWBC)
  • Renée M. Winsky, President & CEO, Leadership Maryland