Program Development Committee

The Program Development Committee plans quarterly conferences with great enthusiasm, creating content, securing speakers, and coordinating logistics. They also support MEDA’s Vice President in the development of the Annual Conference. Members of this committee may also serve on the Economic Development Week sub-committee.

Committee members understand the practice of economic development and its partner disciplines, maintain a network of speaker contacts, and dedicate the time required to develop quality programs. The Committee has at least three face-to- face meetings and several conference calls per year in preparation for the conference, with additional work completed via phone and e-mail. MEDA makes every effort to populate this committee with regional representatives.

Committee Co-Chairs

  • Kelly Robertson-Slagle, Director, Charles County Economic Development Department
  • Jerry Sanford, Director of Economic Development, Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation


  • John Genakos, Assistant Director of Development, Maryland Economic Development Corporation
  • Shelly Gross-Wade, President & CEO, FSC First
  • Larysa Salamacha, Managing Director of Strategy, Research and Analytics, Baltimore Development Corporation

Because MEDA is a statewide association dedicated to bringing quality programs to our members on the diverse topic of Economic Development, Program Committee Members are involved in program development based on their specialties.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the committee to bring your expertise in either of these topics, please contact us at or call 410-347-1246