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Annual Membership (Initial Year)
$200 / year
Annual Membership (Renewal)
$175 / year
Annual Membership (Student)
$75 / year
Partnership Memberships

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Bronze Partner
$3,500 / year
Silver Partner
$5,000 / year
Gold Partner
$10,000 / year
Platinum Partner
$15,000 / year

Joining MEDA is an easy choice to make and an investment that begins to pay off right away. Review the membership levels below, and select the option that best suits your business. MEDA members work throughout the state and share the common goal of improving the state’s business climate. Members come from several diverse groups:

  • Private sector professionals with an interest in economic development
  • State officials involved in economic development, workforce development, community development, land planning, minority business, the environment, and other key areas
  • Local public sector employees involved in economic development programs in counties and municipalities
  • National and international economic development leaders, transportation leaders, business consultants, and educators

If you are a MEDA member who has retired or are in a transitional job search, please contact us at to learn more about our discounted renewal rates.

Benefits of MEDA Membership: