Your Path to MEDA Leadership

Interested in taking the path to MEDA leadership? The first step forward is to serve on a MEDA Committee.  Want to contribute to the growth of the organization? Want to work toward a seat on the MEDA Board of Directors?

Your first step for involvement is to join a MEDA Committee.  Committees serve soon after the Annual Conference for one year.  Often, committees are already in place by August so please let us know of your interest soon!

There are six committees for you to consider. Brief descriptions are below. Please sign up (using the form below) today to make your mark on MEDA’s future. In your cover letter, please reference your skill set.


The MEDA Awards Committee structures the design and delivery of the MEDA Awards, which recognizes the exemplary contributions our members make every day to improve the quality of life in Maryland. The committee reviews criteria for award nominations and votes to select the individual award winners.

This committee is designed for those who have existing experience in awards planning, nomination processes and strategized outreach.

Business Development

The Business Development Committee connects MEDA with funding partners who invest in the organization’s mission and vision for Maryland’s future. This effort yields the financial support that allows MEDA to provide quality programs at cost-effective rates.

Members looking to serve on this committee should have expertise in networking and outreach pertaining to sponsorship and membership.


The MEDA Membership Committee works to provide excellent customer service to our members. They act as a liaison between members and the board of directors, survey members on a regular basis to obtain their opinions about services that are being provided, offer additional networking opportunities throughout the year, and host a New Members Reception at the Annual Conference. Committee members serve a one-year term, meet by phone every other month and attempt one face to face meeting each year.

This committee is designed for those who have expertise in recognizing and implementing the educational and networking needs of individuals.

Professional Development

The MEDA Professional Development Committee assists members in pursuit of their educational goals. The committee delivers courses enabling members to become Certified Economic Developers (CEcD) and other courses enhancing professional skills. This committee also oversees the delivery of three IEDC courses in Maryland every year, mentors potential certification candidates, and works to include other courses throughout the year.

The Professional Development committee is ideal for someone who is experienced in course planning, mentorship, recognizing educational opportunities for members looking to become a Certified Economic Developer (CEcD).

Program Development

The Program Development Committee plans quarterly conferences with great enthusiasm, creating content, securing speakers, and coordinating logistics. They also support MEDA’s Vice President in the development of the Annual Conference. Members of this committee may also serve on the Economic Development Week sub-committee.

This committee is designed for those with expertise in conference planning, has a vast network of connections in various industries, and shares a passion for education.

Public Policy Awareness

This committee will make MEDA members aware of Public Policy that may have an impact in Maryland at both the state and local levels.  It will also work to inform elected and appointed officials about economic development.

Those interested in this committee should have experience in engaging with local and state officials, and monitoring and advising on economic development issues.