Blog: Why Celebrate Economic Development?

Why Celebrate Economic Development?

This October 24-28, MEDA will host the 12th annual Economic Development Week in Maryland, a special event focused on the contributions economic development makes to our communities, our business climate, and our daily lives. Maryland’s cities and counties will announce proclamations, and hold special events and workshops that highlight their programs and priorities throughout the week. But why do we celebrate Economic Development Week? 

At its core, economic development the practice of improving a community’s economic well-being and quality of life has the power to impact and transform so many aspects of our daily lives, our communities, and our business climate. Economic development often works behind the scenes, creating the wealth that funds community benefits. Businesses succeed, the tax-base expands, and funds increase for public schools, research and development, public services, job creation, innovation and invention, and more. 

Economic Development Week in Maryland is a moment to raise awareness for the industry, and to highlight the contributions of economic developers in our state. Those in the economic development industry continually strive to improve the quality of life and work for the state’s citizens and businesses. We also recognize and celebrate the efforts and dedication of all those in our community who work to make life better for others in some way, large or small, from community leaders to educators, and from public artists to business owners. 

Community volunteers are another group we acknowledge during Economic Development Week in Maryland. Volunteers often act on a micro level in ways that can blossom into a huge impact for those they serve. MEDA knows the significant value volunteers generously bring to communities and organizations, and each year recognizes a MEDA Volunteer of the Year as a part of its annual awards program. We thank our most recent Volunteers of the Year for their service: 

  • Colleen Peterson
  • Dr. Peter “Pete” Kremers
  • Robert Black

MEDA’s tagline is “Economic Development Transforms Lives,” because it’s true. Economic development affects everything we do. It helps to make dreams a reality, helps solve problems, supports the environment, fosters technological advances, and works to renew our communities into safe, vibrant, and flourishing places to live and work.

It turns out, we have so many reasons to celebrate economic development this October, and beyond. MEDA hopes you’ll join us in celebrating this momentous Economic Development Week in Maryland. See our website to learn how you can join in and participate. 

How to Celebrate Economic Development Week in Maryland

Please check out our Toolkit, Proclamation Template, and Press Release Template (click these links) to plan for your participation in Economic Development Week in Maryland. Whether elaborate or small, there is something for every level of participation.

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