EDW Videos

What Does Economic Development Mean to Your Community?

Get out in your community and start breaking down barriers by recording a video! Consider asking and recording a few members of your community as they describe what economic development means to them. What perceptions are accurate and where can you work to set the record straight?

Directions for Video:

1. Use an iPhone to record video
2. Make sure recording is in landscape mode (horizontal position)
3. Make sure subject has signed a photo/video release (MEDA can provide this document)
4. Videos should be no 20-30 seconds per person
5. Submit your raw footage here:

6. Videos must be submitted by September 13th

Questions to Ask:
1. What words come to mind when you hear “economic development”?
2. How do you feel economic development like,_______________affects communities and neighborhoods? Fill in the blank with a local project/activity.
3. What’s one thing you wish you understood about economic development?

MEDA will compile all footage into a condensed format and share on our social media sites, blog and YouTube channel in recognition of Economic Development Week!