IEDC: Foreign Direct Investment and Exporting

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This course teaches the core components of bringing the world economy to your community’s front door. Foreign direct investment (FDI) and exporting are now essential components of a local economic development strategy. Attendees will learn how to attract foreign investors, from identifying targeted sectors to engaging new business. They will also explore how to facilitate exports in their community, with an emphasis on how existing federal and state programs can assist. The course will cover all aspects of doing business with foreign entities, from cultural differences to tax and financing issues.


Course Highlights:

• Understanding how the federal government specifically supports EDOs in pursuit of FDI and growing exports, especially among smallto medium-sized businesses
• In-depth coverage of how to make the most of trade shows and trade missions, including working with elected officials and dealing with the press
• Explanation of why an investor would be interested in setting up operations in the U.S., and the means by which they may undertake investment, from mergers and acquisitions to new greenfield development
• Private and public financing programs that ensure exporters of any size have access to capital and insurance
• How foreign business climates differ from that of the U.S., and how to navigate in new markets as well as welcome different cultures into your community
• Review of trade policy, including what steps can be taken if a company encounters trade barriers such as tariffs or unnecessary regulation


Thu, Dec 2, 2021 - Fri, Dec 3, 2021

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