Intellectual Property in Government Contracts

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The US government, through contracts, grants, and other agreements, provides opportunities for contractors of all sizes to research and develop new technologies and leverage existing technologies to meet both government and commercial needs.  But it is vital that contractors fully understand the regulatory requirements that apply to these research and development opportunities to ensure that they protect existing intellectual property and secure rights in newly developed IP to the maximum extent possible.

Small businesses in particular have unique opportunities under the Small Business Innovation Research (“SBIR”) Program to engage in federally-funded research and development opportunities with the potential for commercialization of IP developed under SBIR agreement.  Similarly, other transaction agreements (“OTAs”), which provide opportunities for research and development and prototype projects that can lead to future production contracts, may permit a contractor to secure IP rights beyond what is typically allowed under traditional government contracts.  Indeed, unlike government contracts to which rigid IP provisions apply, IP rights under OTAs are negotiable.

Please join Richard Arnholt and Sylvia Yi, two attorneys in Bass Berry & Sims’ Government Contracts Practice, for a webinar at 10AM on October 28 to learn more about intellectual property rights and opportunities in government contracts, including:

·        How do I protect my company’s proprietary intellectual property while leveraging its unique capabilities for the US government?

·       What is the SBIR Program and what are its benefits?

·       What are OTAs and what IP rights apply?

·       What are “march-in rights” and what are my company’s obligations?

·       And much more!


Thu, Oct 28, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

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