Maryland Business Innovation Challenge Release: IBM

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IBM is challenging the Innovation Community to build a Market Leading Quantum Computing Industry in the State of Maryland.

About this Event


Join in the conversation John Joaquin , Client Leader at IBM and Julie Lenzer, Chief Innovation Officer at University of Maryland will discuss IBM’s commitment to building a market leading Quantum Computing Industry in the state of Maryland.

Learn how IBM is positioning resources to capitalize on the state’s early position in Quantum Computing, and to build this region into the Silicon Valley of the Second Quantum Revolution.

IBM ‘s Chalenge is to uncover and engage with entrepreneurial, research, development, and commercialization efforts around Quantum Computing in our state, to establish a base inventory of market players and Quantum Information Science (QIS) workforce talent. IBM would like to identify existing Quantum Computing offerings and promising use cases that can be further developed and supported by IBM in Maryland. IBM is looking for Talent, Ideas, Teams to move ideas forward – collaborations and partnerships.

While Quantum computing is in its infancy, it is a viable technology that is demonstrating supremacy over classical computing, with computational power trillions of times faster than today’s most powerful super computers in certain calculations and potential use cases.

Eligiblity :

  • Individuals, university students, entrepreneurs, and companies with less than 100 employees are eligible to participate in the Maryland Business Innovation Challenge – (
  • Individuals or Teams must be 18 or older, a member of a Maryland based University and/or reside in Maryland – companies must have an office in Maryland.

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This will be a ZOOM Webinar. Links will be made available after registration.


Tue, Feb 23, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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