Post COVID-19 Recovery Workshop for MMTN

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Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the world has been through a truly devastating period of pain and change. Beyond the death and sickness, there have been significant, fundamental changes to our way of life and to the way businesses operate and succeed or fail. Business owners, leaders and managers must take stock, plan and respond.

This practical online workshop series will help tech-enterprise, small business and other owners and managers take a deep breath and assess where they are now, where the business environment is, where it is headed and what steps they can and should take to ensure sustainable success for their enterprise.

Based on years of experience and best practices utilized for clients and their own enterprises, Mike and Sarah will help workshop participants: conduct a personal and business mission/vision self-assessment, detail and understand changes to the business environment and buyer needs and behaviors, build and reposition their brand, execute against critical success factors, better communicate value to customers and manage their enterprise for success. All students will receive a workbook to drive thoughts, assessment, strategies and tactics designed to help them embrace change and drive their success.

This workshop, while utilizing marketing and business theories and tools as well as best practices, is not an academic exercise, but rather a practical, hands-on effort that helps guide participant thoughts, strategies and tactics via in-class and out-of-class introspection and action.


Tue, Oct 20, 2020 @ 9:00 am - 11:30 am

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