Leveraging Lean and Change Management in Construction and Solar Industries

The Maryland World Class Consortia – Quarterly Conference

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Leveraging Lean and Change Management in Construction and Solar Industries

By adopting Lean principles, both the construction and solar industries can enhance their operations, reduce waste, improve quality, and provide better value to their customers. It’s essential to create a culture of continuous improvement and embrace Lean methodologies throughout the organization to achieve long-term success.


8:15 am Networking & Continental Breakfast

9:00 am Greetings 9:15 am William Poulin, Presentation #1

10:30 am Networking/Break

10:40 am Kelly Petrock, Presentation #2

11:50 am Q&A Noon Program Ends


Fri, Sep 22, 2023 @ 8:15 am - 12:00 pm

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Maryland Innovation Center
6751 Columbia Gateway Dr
Columbia , 21046

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Conference Speakers

The The Maryland World Class Consortia – Quarterly Conference Speakers

Bill Poulin, Principal and Managing Partner of Eclipse-M

Streamlining Success: Lean Principles in Construction and Solar Industries.

As former Board Chair of the MWCC, Bill knows all too well that Lean can be implemented in any industry. However, having spent over 10 years leading the Lean efforts for BP Solar in Frederick, Bill is intimately knowledgeable about the application of Lean in Solar and Construction. Here, Bill will discuss lean methods employed in Construction with project examples focusing on the Renewables Industry. With gigawatts of experience employing lean methods in the Solar Industry, Bill will discuss opportunities and obstacles.

The ability to create fast-paced teams in today’s project-oriented environment quickly and effectively is key to success. And the implementation of a lean framework (low waste) will improve productivity, quality and the speed of a project. Implementing new ways of working is tough. We will explore implementation strategies and key drivers of success including planning and project timeline. Resistance from within, especially “old school thinkers” and team motivation will be addressed.


Kelly Petrock, President, General Systems & Lead Institute

Change Leadership: Management in Construction and Solar Industries.

It takes a great deal of skill and will to run a successful business. It takes another measure of skill and will to successfully change how business is conducted.

Building upon the radical shifts seen in Solar Construction this short program on Change Leadership will help prepare to lead the journey ahead. In this program you will learn:

  • to plan effectively for change by appreciating the scale and magnitude of the changes before you;
  • how to understand the nature and power of organizational culture as well as awareness of where to shift your culture to embrace major change;
  • a simple and effective technique for crafting and communicating a compelling vision for change;
  • key leadership skills (Vision, Alignment & Execution) that will increase the acceptance, buy-in and success of change efforts.
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