Seeking a Mentor?

The MEDA Mentorship Program is a unique opportunity to learn from others who have been working in the economic development field for several years.

This program will seek to match mentors and mentees. The matching will occur based on expertise, needs, geographic location, etc.

Mentorship Program participants must be MEDA members. Not a member yet? Sign up here!

What can you expect?

  • In the first month, your mentor will…
    • Personally, via phone or in-person, connect with you
    • Identify the means of achieving professional development (workshops, training courses, etc)
    • Help you develop short and long-term goals
  •  Quarterly you can expect to…
    • Meet in person with your mentor
    • Review your goals with your mentor
    • Connect with your mentor at MEDA events
  • Annually you can expect to…
    • Review goals and plan for the upcoming year
    • Plan for professional development (continuing education)
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