Caroline County observes Economic Development Week

DENTON — The Caroline County Commissioners have proclaimed the week of Oct. 25-29 Economic Development week. In doing so, they acknowledged and recognized the hard-working men and women who have the businesses that built the foundation of the county’s economy.

Caroline County Economic Development is a department within Caroline County government and serves to foster a diversified local economy that leads to business retention and attraction, job creation and workforce development, and a strong quality of life for the citizens of Caroline County.

“We support businesses so that they can thrive and create jobs,” said Economic Development Director Debbie Bowden. “We recognize that starting and running a business is not easy. It takes courage to put one’s money and time into a venture that has a risk of failure. The leadership in Caroline County government acknowledged the dedication to improving oneself and community is evident in the small businesses in the county.”

Economic Development Week is a chance to highlight the works of the department and its partners. Bowden and her team offer assistance to all businesses from the largest private employer to the new startup family-owned company. Those partnerships for workforce, commerce, academics, and recreation all reflect the dynamic community that works toward the betterment of businesses, workers, and the county.

“You Belong Here” is the brand for Caroline County. It conveys a sense of community for a resident, a business owner and a worker. Active with economic development, Caroline County reflects a history rich with agricultural production and connected businesses.

The future of the county, from a business perspective, looks positive, Bowden said. The folks of Caroline County will keep doing what they always do — work hard, value community, and support each other.

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