Site Selection Data Resources and Tools Panel Moderated by Sandy Sponaugle, CEO, Platinum PR

This was a highly informative panel on the web based databases and tools that help site selectors and executives collect, analyze and compare data on potential locations for business expansion and relocation. The key take away from the panel is that through a variety of databases, we are able to look at site specific demographics in readily accessible, easy to use formats and efficiently. Now with GIS technology, site seekers can access up to date facts about schools, population, zoning and infrastructure projects. These interactive maps typically feature a base map and the data behind it to get a true picture using various categories of interest.

These GIS type of tools improve the quality of information needed to make decisions by providing real world data all in one place.  All the panelists agreed that the maps are continuing to evolve and grow, and include such things as testimonials and videos, links to schools and businesses, and points of interest all in one central location. The data tools help share this vision for the community, site seekers can take a virtual tour without ever leaving the office and thus make decisions in a lot less time than it takes to review and acquire the data manually.

The value of these tools in addition to working with your local community, state representations, site selection consultants and brokers and universities are tremendous for sharing a community’s story and vision.

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