Members’ Corner: Mary Burkholder

Name, Title, Organization 

Mary Burkholder, Vice President, BAE Urban Economics

Explain your role within your organization                              

I am an economic development and real estate economics consultant for BAE Urban Economics, a California-based consulting firm. I head BAE’s Washington, D.C., office and lead the company’s Mid-Atlantic practice. More than 80% of BAE’s clients are government agencies including cities, counties as well as transportation and development authorities. Presently I am managing projects in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia.

What role does your organization play in expanding economic opportunity?

BAE prepares economic development strategies that help guide cities and counties to take best advantage of their assets and opportunities. We also advise cities and counties on real estate decisions. In particular, we help the public sector maximize benefits and returns from public-private development projects.

How has MEDA impacted you or your organization?

BAE Urban Economics is new to MEDA but know that MEDA will provide network opportunities. Also, BAE will benefit from the educational aspects of MEDA, particularly learning about economic development projects that are highlighted at MEDA’s conferences.

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you want to work with MEDA on to move Maryland forward?

Continue advocating for economic development and economic development professionals. We need to constantly remind our state and local elected officials how important economic development is in the greater scheme of things.

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