Beverly L. Everson-Jones

Name, Title, Organization:

Beverly L. Everson-Jones, Chief Financial Officer FSC First.

Explain your background in economic development:

Currently serve as CFO at FSC First, CDC And CDFI. In that role, I lead a team that provides financial reporting, analytics, resource development and marketing/communication. From a programmatic standpoint, our also leads certain training and technical assistance offering to small businesses in FSC First’s market.

What are your key priorities within your current position?

  • To ensure financial management & reporting in conformity with applicable governing and industry guidelines
  • To manage and grow financial resources available to FSC First to fulfill its mission
  • To gather and articulate metrics that highlight FSC First’s impact in the community and as it relates to supporting economic development
  • To effectively communicate the FSC First story and market products/services
  • Provide broad technical assistance to small businesses

Does one particular project spark your excitement? If so, describe it below.

Through the Level Up program, I have raised significant financial support to help FSC First roll out comprehensive programs to support small business in terms of training, loan packaging, coaching/mentoring and professional services. This program has provided an incredible opportunity for me to expand my impact at FSC First.

What professional pressures keep you up at night?

The impact of the pandemic on all aspects of the economy

What attributes are unique to your community?

One of our primary communities is Prince George’s County. Within that community, there is a wide range of socioeconomic conditions and a significant representation of underserved.

What are your locality’s top three “selling points” for future growth?

  • Diversified Workforce
  • Proximity to both Baltimore and Washington
  • Significant opportunity and resources in support of Economic Development

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you want to work with MEDA on to move Maryland forward?

Better leveraging of strategic partnerships and collaborative use of resources.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with MEDA and your fellow members?

Not at time.

Please include any personal background information that you’d like to share (Alma mater, Military Service, hobbies, etc)

  • Graduate of Virginia State University and Johns Hopkins University
  • Interests include mentoring young professionals and students


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