Member’s Corner: Amy Duray


Name, Title, Organization:

Amy Duray, Program Manager, Federal Business Relations

Explain your background in economic development:

I have worked in the government contracting sector for 20 years, including managing my employer’s Government Wide Acquisition Contracts to convert those into revenue.

What are your key priorities within your current position?

Advocating within the government industry to maintain the competitiveness of small and mid-tier Maryland businesses in the Federal contracting space. Becoming a trusted partner with government industry outreach officials to grow the potential for Maryland-based businesses in the federal contracting market.

Does one particular project spark your excitement? If so, describe it below.

My first project is to expand the number of Maryland-based businesses registered on the Federal Disaster Registry so that those businesses are prepared to capture federal emergency dollars in the Mid-Atlantic region.

What professional pressures keep you up at night?

Demonstrating the continuing relevance of the Federal market, helping companies make the transition from small to other-than-small, and fighting consolidation of requirements that take opportunities away from small and mid-tier businesses.

Please include any personal background information that you’d like to share (Alma mater, Military Service, hobbies, etc.):

Graduate of Johns Hopkins University | U.S. Army Veteran | Lifetime Girl Scout

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