Member’s Corner: Geyssel Gonzalez

Name, Title, Organization:

Geyssel Gonzalez, Controller, Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO)

Explain your background in economic development:

Before working with TEDCO, I led the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system at the Nuclear Energy Institute. Before that, I implemented a reporting system and other automated processes in my role as Controller with the International Association for Dental Research.

What are your key priorities within your current position?

Currently, I focus on providing accurate and timely real-time financial information to the TEDCO team and Board of Directors for decision-making.

Does one particular project spark your excitement? If so, describe it below.

Implementing new technology to increase operational efficiency. I’m currently working with my team on the implementation of Workday Adaptive, a budgeting, forecasting, and modeling tool. This software will enhance internal reporting and provide the Board of Directors with easy-to-comprehend graphs and key performance indicators to highlight important information.

What professional pressures keep you up at night?

In my day-to-day, I strive to do the little things with excellency, and therefore when I’m finished for the day, I know that I gave all that I could to each small/medium/large-sized task. However, sometimes, when I think of all that needs to be done in order to complete a particular project, I do feel the pressure; but I remember that I gave the best that I possibly could and rest on that.

What attributes are unique to your community?

Our resources—unlike other states, Maryland houses numerous federal labs that can be used to enhance and speed up the process of bringing technology and innovations to the commercial market.

What are your locality’s top three “selling points” for future growth?

TEDCO works to grow and improve the current ecosystem in Maryland; because we work with the entire state, I would say our locality’s top three selling points are: diversity, collaboration, and resources.

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you want to work with MEDA on to move Maryland forward?

If I could wave a magic wand, I would like to work with MEDA on the implementation of new technologies to update old legacy systems that most State agencies have. I would create a task force to research and identify inefficiencies in each segment/department to then select the appropriate software that would decrease repetitive mundane tasks, create automation, and improve the accuracy of processes. Implementing new systems will increase employee morale by taking away repetitive tasks and giving them more time to innovate and enjoy their work.

Please include any personal background information that you’d like to share (Alma mater, Military Service, hobbies, etc):

I’m the first in my family to graduate from high school and obtain a college degree. Being an immigrant made going to school very challenging, and I was unable to obtain tuition assistance. However, I always valued education and knew that it was the way out of the poverty cycle. As I worked a full-time job, I paid my way through a 2-year school, started working in accounting, and later transferred to obtain my bachelor’s degree. I did not graduate until I was 30 years old, but by that time, I already had eight years of experience in the field. In 2018, I set out to get my CPA license, and so I passed all four exams that year and obtained my license in January of 2019. Those exams were incredibly hard, but I have learned that nothing worth having comes easy.

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