2020 Census

Census Is Important for Maryland Business

The 2020 decennial census is upon us. Maryland’s business community relies on census data for important decisions such as location, workforce, and opportunities for growth. Maryland needs your help to get everyone counted in 2020. 

Census participation provides critical funding to our communities for those in need. Monies for public safety, emergency planning, schools and health services rely on accurate facts. Census data also provides important information for local economic development and planning decisions.   

The amount of federal dollars lost for every uncounted Marylander is $18,250 over ten years, more than $974,550,000 in lost funds for the ten-year budget cycle that the census covers.

Your relationships with employees, customers, and vendors are essential tools in Maryland’s efforts to obtain a complete count. 

You can help in the following ways:

Re-tweet information from #MDCensus2020

Visit https://census.maryland.gov/Pages/default.aspx to find ways for your company to participate. The following flyers are in the toolkit:

Download the Maryland Census “Important Easy and Safe” flyer, available in 26 languages, for distribution.

Download the “Business Is Important“ flyer, available in both English and Spanish.

Download the “Maryland Participation Rates” flyer to see how each county did in the 2010 census, and how much needs to be done for Maryland to improve.

Finally, consider these suggestions that may be appropriate for your organization:

• Provide free wired or wireless internet connectivity to households in underserved communities.

• Provide free call time or cell phone data for people responding to the 2020 Census via phone.

• Provide free online advertising opportunities to promote the 2020 Census and job openings.

• Offer transportation for people to visit locations such as libraries where they can apply for 2020 Census jobs, complete training and respond to the 2020 Census online.

• Launch text message campaigns to promote the 2020 Census.

• Launch social media campaigns or host Twitter chats or Facebook Live events on 2020 Census job opportunities and the 2020 Census to educate customers and employees. 

• Submit online letters to the editor, op-eds, and commentary on why participating in the 2020 Census is so important for businesses like yours.

 • Actively monitor, fact check, and correct misinformation on social networks about the 2020 Census. 

• Post and distribute 2020 Census materials on privacy and confidentiality to employees, constituents, and customers, both in hard copy and through online channels.

• Host a 2020 Census informational or Q&A session for your employees or local community.

• Invite a Census Bureau speaker to your organization or event. 

• Include an incentive to your customers in their purchases to complete the 2020 Census.

• Host a contest promoting the 2020 Census and feature a winner.

“Take A Break, Take The Census” – provide time and computer resources for your employees to take a snack break on company time to fill out their census form. 

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