AAEDC Celebrates Maryland Economic Development Week With It Takes A Village Podcast Series

Economic Development projects and incentives have made Anne Arundel County, and Maryland as a whole, a great place to live, work and play. But it takes more than just incentives to create a well-rounded environment. Our village is made up of resources and partners that help make Anne Arundel “The Best Place” for our ArundelBiz and our skilled resident workforce. To celebrate Maryland Economic Development Week we launched a special My ArundelBiz Podcast series called “It Takes A Village” which featured a daily live conversation with some of our key featured partners and resources. Watch each of our mini podcasts to get a comprehensive view of how important collaboration with county partners is to economic development here in Anne Arundel.

Anne Arundel County Libraries

Fort Meade Alliance

DefTech and Arundel Tech Toolbox

Anne Arundel Community College School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development

Small Business Development Center

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