Carroll County’s Triple A Credit Ratings Reaffirmed Moves Forward with Bond Sale

WESTMINSTER, MD, Thursday, July 7, 2022 – Today, the Carroll County Department of Land and Resource Management delivered a high-level briefing to the Carroll County Board of Commissioners (BOC) during Open Session regarding proposed amendments to various sections of chapters in the Carroll County Code. There are no substantive changes proposed to the code, rather, all changes are driven by the county’s desire to clarify, improve consistency and make the information easier for residents to follow.

The proposed changes are available on the county website and include:

Chapter 153 – Floodplain Management

Chapter 170 – Construction Codes, specifically Chapter 38 to be consistent with Chapter 153

Chapter 154 – Water Resource Management

Chapter 150 – Agriculture, Forestry and National Resource Conservation

Chapter 159 – Agricultural Land Preservation (New Chapter)

Chapter 160 – Right to Farm (New Chapter)

Chapters 159 and 160 are new chapters that move Agricultural Land Preservation and Right to Farm out of Chapter 150 to their own chapters, leaving Chapter 150 dedicated to Forest Conservation.

The BOC voted to approve the requests of the Department of Land and Resource Management to proceed to public hearing on all the proposed changes.

Questions about the proposed changes can be sent to the Director of Land and Resource Management Christopher Heyn at

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