Digital Pet Care Platform Developer Wins Maryland Incubator Company of the Year Award

VitusVet is a Resident Company at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship

COLUMBIA, MD (June 16, 2017) – The Columbia based pet healthcare company VitusVet won “Best Technology Company” at the Maryland Incubator Company of the Year Awards, Thursday night.

“We are extremely excited to receive the Maryland incubator company of the year award” said Mark Olcott, DVM, CEO & Co-Founder, VitusVet. “Over the last 12 months our team has grown in size and our digital pet care platform continues to disrupt the veterinary industry and help increase the health, safety, and well-being of pets everywhere.”

The company, which is a resident at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship, has developed a pet care platform that pet owners can use to access medical information through participating veterinary offices. This allows owners access to necessary and sometimes critical medical information in the event of a medical emergency.

“VitusVet is another example of the smart talent that is attracted to the MCE and the types of companies that benefit from the services we provide,” said Howard County Economic Development Authority CEO Lawrence Twele. “They identified a real-world problem that millions of pet owners face and created a solution to fix it. Their growth and accomplishments have been incredible and I am excited to see their successes recognized at this level.”

Olcott understands the technology shortfalls of the veterinary industry, he spent 20 years as a vet, both in primary care and as an emergency vet.

“Despite advancements in veterinary technology, the main way that vets still transfer files is through fax,” said Olcott. “Under the current system, it can sometimes take days for a vet’s office to fax you necessary files when they are open, and files may not even be available at all if the office is closed on the weekend. In the event of an emergency it is time that you do not have.”

Through the VitusVet platform pet owners can access their pet’s complete files in a matter of minutes, including bloodwork, x-rays, past medical conditions and doctor’s notes. Users can also set reminders to administer monthly and yearly medications in the app as well.

“Vitus Vet is doing innovative work that is changing the landscape of veterinary care,” said Howard County Executive Allan H. Kittleman. “Their use of the county’s Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship to develop their business is an excellent example of how we are helping to grow the next generation of innovative businesses here in Howard County. This award is a well-deserved honor.”

The service is paid for by participating vet offices, with the app and all the pets’ medical files being provided to owners at no charge.

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