FY2022 Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) Program is Now Open

We are pleased to announce that the FY2022 application round for the Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) program is open as of May 27, 2021. 

The FY2022 application DUE DATE is July 1, 2021 at 5:00 pm.

Only online applications submissions will be accepted.


Please login to the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s (DHCD’s) Intelligrants Project Portal System at https://projectportal.dhcd.state.md.us using Internet Explorer.  Once logged into the Portal visit and verify ALL of your organization’s profile information and uploaded required legal documents to confirm they are up-to-date and correct.

You will open the “My Organization(s)” link at the top of any page to view the three categories there: Organization Details, Registered Users, and Organization Uploads.  Please be sure that your organization has a minimum of two active registered users.

By taking these steps now you will ensure that application submission will be much more efficient.  By ensuring that your complete records are available BEFORE creating your application, they will automatically be linked when you submit your request.  Every year many applications cannot be processed or reviewed because they are incomplete.  Please make sure that your FY2022 application can be processed and reviewed by taking time to complete this critical step.


After logging into the Portal, you will find a “Available Funding Opportunities” section at the top of your “My Home” page.  You will open this to reach details about the program, application eligibility, and the link to create your new FY2022 application.

If you and/or your organization ARE NOT registered in the Department’s Intelligrants Project Portal you MUST submit a NEW USER REQUEST to gain access to FY2022 CITC application.  You may submit that request by logging into the Project Portal at the address above.  Once on the Portal’s front page, please click on the “New User?”  link found in the login box.

When registering, please indicate in the “Notes” section you are interested in applying for the Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC) Program.  Once your registration is submitted and verified, you will be able to login to complete an application.


Please be on the look-out for a separate email announcing the availability of a training video to take you through creating and completing the application and a separate set of application FAQs.  Once these resources are available, you will be able to view and/or download from the Project Portal.


Several program and training documents are currently available online and compliment the application video and FAQs:

Click here to review the CITC Program and Eligibility Guidelines (PDF)

Click here to view the CITC Program Overview Training Presentation (PDF)


If you have questions about your application and/or proposed project please contact either Barbara Kearney by email at Barbara.kearney@maryland.gov  OR Melissa Carter by email at melissa.carter1@maryland.gov.

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