Jodie Bollinger Promoted to Director of Business Retention and Expansion

OED currently has 10 staff and are working feverishly with several businesses that have great potential to locate in Frederick County, while continuing to support existing businesses by assisting with workforce, potential expansions, and other needs.

To better align with our economic development initiatives and strategies, we have taken our team of ten and created smaller teams to allow for greater focus, stamina and agility. Within our division we currently have Economic Development and Workforce Development.  Within Economic Development these teams will consist of the Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Team, Agriculture (Ag) Team and Business Attraction and Marketing (BAM) Team, while ensuring we stay connected to our Workforce Development Team.

On November 11th, Jodie Bollinger was promoted to Director of Business Retention and Expansion.  “Jodie has the unique ability to provide a historical understanding of economic development and Frederick County’s business community while continuing to bring new and creative ideas to each task she has lead.  This past year, Jodie has worked on business expansion projects like Music & Arts Headquarters, Rooster Bio and Dunkin Donuts Centralized Kitchen.  Jodie is the right person for this new role,” said Helen Propheter, Executive Director of OED.

When you see Jodie, please congratulate her, and let her know if your business is looking for her team’s assistance.  Stay tuned, in December we will be announcing the Director of Business Attraction and Marketing.

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