Maryland Innovation Center launches new World 2.0 site as an ongoing COVID-19 recovery resource for businesses and entrepreneurs

COLUMBIA, MD (May 13, 2020) – The Maryland Innovation Center (MIC), powered by Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA), launched its new World 2.0 site ( dedicated to providing thought leadership and insight for organizations who are seeking recovery and stability in a post-COVID-19 landscape. Since the onset of COVID-19, businesses have been consumed with response efforts and the retention of their employees. As part of the recovery phase, World 2.0 will integrate experiences and valuable lessons learned to provide roadmaps and enable businesses to thrive in the new normal, post-pandemic landscape.

“Our business community is facing significant challenges to innovatively adapt and quickly create spaces that keep their employees safe while allowing for our economy to continue,” said County Executive Calvin Ball. “The Maryland Innovation Center once again is leading our state in providing a platform for businesses to engage with one another and identify best practices moving forward in our recovery.”

“As communities transition between response, recovery, and a new normal, we can expect leaders to redefine how success is measured and attained. Our goal is to bring visibility and clarity to what this new world looks like,” says Chuck Bubeck, Executive Director of the Maryland Innovation Center. “World 2.0 will be a platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to seek out approaches to adaptation in the post-pandemic landscape.”

World 2.0 will be a place for virtual collaboration and connection. To offer new perspectives on adaptation and resiliency to business leaders and entrepreneurs, World 2.0 will feature podcast interviews, videos, and articles in a collective resource library. The site will also offer a virtual town square for business leaders to ask questions and share their experiences throughout the phases of response, recovery, and the new normal.

“We know that despite the uncertainties ahead, businesses are shifting their attention from immediate response to long- term recovery planning” said Larry Twele, CEO of HCEDA. “We need to adapt traditional economic development tools and assistance which is the primary reason we conceived the Maryland Innovation Center. Our ability to bring new resources to the business community, both now and in the future will help our economy grow.

Through the virtual World 2.0 community, we will continue to gather questions, experiences, and insights about the post-pandemic business environment. Has your business pivoted during this challenging time, or are you witnessing examples of innovation in response to COVID-19? You can send your stories and get in touch with us here.


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