McHenry Spec Building Completed

The Board of Garrett County Commissioners is happy to announce the completion of a spec building in the McHenry Business Park. Located just off Bumble Bee Road, the business park will have direct access to the Garrett County Airport in McHenry.

The project is a partnership between the County and the Maryland Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO). The building, which consists of 20,000 leasable square feet of flexible space, is now available by contacting Garrett County Economic Development. Tenants may be able to choose to rent all or part of the space (from 5,000 to 20,000 square feet).

Building services available include propane gas, broadband, and high-capacity electric. There is also planned space onsite for additional expansion of the building.

The building also has an existing 120/208 volt service and a 300 kVA pad-mounted transformer. Upgrades are available for larger uses.

Garrett County Economic Development may provide interest-free leasehold improvement loans up to $10 per square foot.

“This spec building is just the start to prove our commitment to critical infrastructure to support businesses and jobs here in the County,” said Michael Hough, Director of Garrett County Economic Development.

The Commissioners would like to thank our local contractors and Bob Brennan, the Executive Director of MEDCO, and his staff for their help and support for the much-needed project in Garrett County.

For availability details and additional questions, please call 301-334-1992 or visit

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