MEDA Emphasizes Economic Development as An Investment in the Future at April Conference

CAMBRIDGE, Md.- The Maryland Economic Development Association (MEDA), announces the 2015 MEDA Annual Conference, Economic Development: an Investment in the Future. The event will be held April 26 to 28, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay in Cambridge, Maryland.

The conference encourages attendants to take part in conversations that are creating opportunities, inspiring innovation and enriching Maryland’s communities. Some of the best and brightest forerunners in the United States will participate as keynote speakers. These keynotes will shed light on the “why” of economic development. Attendees are encouraged to take this opportunity to find inspiration and new ideas that can elevate their work and their communities.

“Economic Development has the power to change a neighborhood, a community or even the world,” said Lawrence Twele, CEcD, president of MEDA.

“The goal is to empower fellow economic developers to share with others the importance of why this line of work matters,” he continued.

Jack Andraka, born and bred Marylander, teen prodigy and innovator, will speak during the MEDA Annual Awards Banquet on the evening of April 27. Andraka was a fifteen-year-old high school student when he invented an inexpensive early detection test for pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancers.

Larry Morrissey, mayor of Rockford, Illinois, will stand behind the podium on Monday morning as a keynote speaker. He will discuss the power of a tweet and how pilot programs can be used to ignite innovation within communities.

Michael Casson Jr., director of the Economic Development Leadership Institute at Delaware State University will also speak as a keynote during Tuesday’s segment. Casson, who has a doctorate in economics, will share how the Economic Development Leadership Institute came into focus for Delaware State University, how it developed into an educational offering, and after a year of activity, where they are today.

Anirban Basu, chairman and CEO of Sage Policy Group, Inc., a celebrated economist, will deliver an update of Maryland’s economic performance in absolute and relative terms.

A roundtable with the governor’s cabinet will be conducted that will encourage discussion with attendees. Panelists include: Peter K. Rahn, Maryland Department of Transportation; David R. Craig, Maryland Department of Planning; Kelly M. Schulz, Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation; Kenneth C. Holt, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development; Ben H. Grumbles, Maryland Department of the Environment; and R. Michael Gill, Maryland Department of Business & Economic Development.

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About MEDA

MEDA is a nonprofit organization of economic development professionals. Established in 1961, MEDA members promote the economic well-being of Maryland by working to improve the state’s business climate and the professionalism of those in the field of economic development.

MEDA’s membership includes economic development practitioners employed by government, businesses and chambers of commerce and other professionals with an interest in the economy of Maryland. Through its regular meetings, special programs and projects, MEDA members address such diverse issues as local planning, workforce, transportation, international trade, tourism and finance.

MEDA members work diligently transforming lives by creating opportunities, inspiring innovation and enriching communities in Maryland. To learn more about MEDA, visit


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