Guest Blog: AI Empowerment – Insights from the MEDA 2024 Annual Conference

Photo Credit: JTG Media

The “AI Empowerment: Transforming Economic Development Strategies” session was enlightening and thought-provoking.

AI is not just an expense reducer, it’s a tool for optimizing efficiency. Rather than displacing human capital, it allows us to allocate time more effectively, focusing on building relationships, the cornerstone of human interaction. We can harness AI to enhance our capabilities while considering the importance of human factors and trust.

The session provided insights into current economic development initiatives. Embracing AI and serving start-ups and entrepreneurs in this space can position Maryland at the forefront of innovation and economic growth in the years to come. AI-powered platforms and tools allow us to cultivate a dynamic environment conducive to experimentation and knowledge sharing. AI facilitates connections between industry players, academia, and government agencies, promoting cross-pollination of ideas and accelerating the pace of innovation.

Photo Credit: JTG Media

Exploring the application of AI for physical safety and security was eye-opening, revealing new possibilities that were previously overlooked. Similarly, automating certain Human Resources tasks has shown promise in streamlining operations and improving productivity.

AI serves as an enabler, empowering us to achieve our goals more efficiently. Key takeaways from the AI session emphasize the significance of transparency, experimentation, dedicating time, and continuous training to harness its potential.

Written by Jamie Williams, CEcD, Director, Economic and Tourism Development for Kent County, Maryland

MEDA Professional Development Co-Chair, MEDA Lofton Scholar

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