Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development Celebrates Historic Progress to Address Housing Affordability, Protect Renters and Foster Strong Communities

Campaign will raise awareness of new laws that are “Turning the Key” to unlock Maryland’s potential

NEW CARROLLTON, Md. (May 17, 2024) – The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development today announced the launch of a new campaign to highlight the state’s historic efforts to tackle the housing affordability crisis and its effect on communities through legislation Governor Wes Moore signed into law last month. The state is “Turning the Key” to unlock Maryland’s potential by increasing the supply of housing, changing the landscape for renters, and enhancing long-term investment in low-income areas, as well as targeting resources into communities that were historically disinvested in based on race.

“The new legislation from Governor Moore and the Department, supported by the 2025 budget, creates the pathways to build the homes that Marylanders need and Maryland’s economy needs,” said Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development Secretary Jake Day. “Working in partnership with the General Assembly, this session marks a turning point for the state as we lay the groundwork for Maryland’s growth for decades to come. The Turning the Key campaign will ensure Marylanders receive information about all the progress we are making in the right direction.”

With Maryland facing a housing shortage of 96,000 units, the Moore-Miller Administration and the General Assembly recognized the pressing need for action. Over the last decade, Maryland has underproduced housing at a rate of 5,600 units per year on average, leading to higher living costs and exacerbating housing instability, especially for renters. Governor Moore’s comprehensive housing package and departmental bills, backed by a $361 million capital budget for the department, were aimed at setting Maryland on a growth trajectory to achieve housing affordability.

During the 2024 General Assembly session, 126 Marylanders testified in support of the departmental bills and the Governor’s housing package. And the state worked together with legislators and partners to shape this legislation through 51 committee, subcommittee and workgroup meetings, which resulted in 1,450 ‘yes’ votes to make these bills law.

The Turning the Key campaign will raise awareness of the state’s efforts to address the housing unit shortage, encourage stakeholders to be part of the solution and communicate information on the implementation of new laws passed this session. Legislation passed by the Department and the Governor are outlined below.

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