Maryland Municipal League Holds Inaugural “State Of The Municipality”

Maryland Municipal League Holds Inaugural “State of the Municipality”; Acknowledges $5.2+ Billion Municipal Economic Impact, 42,000 Jobs Supported 

(December 14, 2023) Annapolis, Md. – The Maryland Municipal League (MML), which represents 160 local governments in Maryland, held its inaugural State of the Municipality event in Annapolis on Thursday. This year’s event focused on the economic impact of municipalities in Maryland, featuring highlights from a new report and remarks from keynote speaker Dr. Anirban Basu.

“Municipalities are an economic engine that we know will play a key role for Maryland’s economic outlook, and we’re here today to prove it,” opened Mayor John Carroll, Galena and 2023-2024 MML Board President.

The 2023 report, “The Economic Significance of Maryland’s Municipalities,” details how the operation of municipal governments positively impacts the local and State-wide economy to the tune of $5.2 billion while supporting more than 42,000 jobs. This data only represents a fraction of the impact municipal governments have on the state’s economy while continuing to provide quality services to residents with limited funding sources. In Dr. Basu’s estimation, the solution to Maryland’s fiscal challenges can be found in its cities, towns, and villages: “Municipalities are at the heart of being able to expand the state’s economy and tax base. …You cannot finance these [large state projects] without really competitive municipalities.”

MML CEO Theresa Kuhns provided closing comments, “We recognize municipalities in Maryland are economic engines, responsible for workforce development, job growth, and most importantly, best positioned for future growth. And while our cities and towns may have less than 5% of the land area, we represent and are closest in public service to 25% of the state’s total population.”

The State of the Municipality event was sponsored by the Maryland Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO). MEDCO and MML share a commitment to Maryland’s economic success. The hallmark of MEDCO’s mission is to encourage business development, commerce and a balanced economy, and to help retain and attract new business to Maryland, while promoting the State’s economic strengths and promoting the right of gainful employment and welfare of Maryland’s residents.


For press inquires or copies of the report, please contact Justin Fiore, 410-295-9100,

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