MEDA Young Leaders Unite: Making a Difference with Habitat for Humanity

Written by Allison Akers, Director of Marketing & Communications for Vision Technologies and Co-Chair of the MEDA Young Leaders Committee

On September 8, MEDA Young Leaders came together to give back through Habitat for Humanity Susquehanna, fulfilling a community service goal long in the making.

Both new and established young leaders came together from all over Maryland to rehabilitate a house in Aberdeen for Yaraly, a deserving mother and her daughter. Allison Akers, Michael McLean, Maurcus Robinson, Nicholas Staigerwald, and Amy Velich forged bonds over heavy lifting, matching helmets, demolition of old siding, all-weather wrapping that required teamwork, and powerful staple guns (that many of us learned were great stress relief!). Most importantly, the group worked together to give back time and muscle to volunteer and help when volunteers were sparse. This MEDA group was the first to help with this rehab project that was already months into construction.

The group ended the day breaking breadsticks and sharing stories about work in their own communities over lunch at The Olive Tree.

The MEDA Young Leaders group is meant to connect young economic development professionals as they grow in their careers. It’s about bringing people together and creating connections beyond immediate co-workers. But serving a greater good beyond ourselves and our community embodies the heart of economic development. It’s about transforming lives. And it starts here. 

Through this inaugural “give back” event, members worked tirelessly together to build homes for deserving families in need. They witnessed the transformative power of a stable and secure place to call home. Whether swinging hammers or offering a helping hand, every task was a meaningful contribution to improving lives and strengthening our local community. Habitat for Humanity’s commitment to affordable housing and unwavering support for families in the Susquehanna region is truly inspiring, and the MEDA Young Leaders were proud to be a part of their mission to make housing dreams a reality for those who need it most.

This inaugural “give back” event won’t stop here. The Young Leaders look forward to bringing more community service events to MEDA and hope the greater membership will join us! 

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