Profile: A Maryland Success Story

Johnny Shockley, Hoopers Island Oyster Company

The MEDA Annual Conference with close with a session that is sure to inspire and invigorate you. And hopefully help you look at challenges a little differently so you can take what you know and turn it into what you grow!

We all know that in recent years, oystering has been a declining industry in Maryland and that it has become increasingly difficult to make a living in this once thriving economic sector. But here is the story of how someone recognized the challenge of his life long business – indeed a business that had been passed down from his father – and turned that challenge into a success!

You won’t want to miss the inspiring story of Johnny Shockley, co-owner of the Hoopers Island Oyster Company, who in recent years has reinvented and revived oyster farming in Maryland. He partnered with university scientists to create new oyster farming models, applying research and innovation to this traditional industry. Shockley will share his secrets for designing custom equipment, setting strict standards and moving oystering from a backwater into a cutting edge industry. In the process, he created Chesapeake Gold, the tastiest and most sought after oysters eaten in fine dining establishments all over the world.

Following the presentation, you’ll have an opportunity to sample some of Mr. Shockley’s mouth-watering oysters and win an iPad Mini. You must be present to win.

This session will be held on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 from 10:45-11:15am.

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