TEDCO Announces 2024 SBIR/STTR Proposal Lab Cohort

Total of 25 Maryland companies to receive expert advice and proposal support

COLUMBIA, Md. (January 9, 2024)TEDCO, Maryland’s economic engine for technology companies, announced the selection of 25 Maryland companies to participate in the 2024 Small Business Association (SBA) Federal and State Technology Partnership Program (FAST) SBIR/STTR Proposal Labcohort. This program, now in its sixth year, supports companies in the cohort, allowing them to work closely with TEDCO experts on preparing polished proposals for up to $275,000 in federal awards through the SBIR/STTR Phase 1 program.

“TEDCO is proud to have a variety of programs and opportunities dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial innovation throughout Maryland,” said TEDCO CEO Troy LeMaile-Stovall. “Through this program, TEDCO can continue our work supporting Maryland companies when applying for the SBIR/STTR funding opportunities.”
What is SBIR/STTR?
sbirThe Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs, housed in 12 federal agencies and coordinated by the U.S. Small Business Administration, are the Nation’s largest source of non-dilutive government early stage/high-risk funding for startups and small businesses. These competitive programs are designed to encourage small businesses with potential for commercialization to engage with Federal Research/Research and Development (R/R&D). The awards-based program enables small businesses to explore their technological potential while providing an incentive to profit through commercialization.
Proposal Lab Participation Leads to Higher Success Rates
sbirIn collaboration with the Rockville, Md. woman-owned OST Global Solutions, this six-month lab will connect companies with experts from TEDCO’s Network Advisor program; these experts will provide the cohort with actionable feedback through two proposal reviews, thereby increasing the company’s likelihood of award.

Throughout the proposal lab, TEDCO will bring in experts from selected government SBIR/STTR program offices to provide information and answer questions on everything from timing, to writing style, and to what makes a proposal compelling.

“I am honored and humbled by the overwhelming response to the FY24 Proposal Lab program,” said Kimberly Mozingo, director of TEDCO’s Federal Programs. “The 45 companies who applied are tackling some of the most pressing global challenges facing humanity today. While we could only select 25 for this cohort, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all applicants for their dedication and commitment to making a positive impact on our world. Our Proposal Lab team eagerly anticipates working with the cohort to craft compelling, compliant, and competitive Phase I SBIR or STTR proposals.”

The Maryland Companies Selected for the FY2024 Cohort

  1. Advanced In Vitro, LLC, based in Frederick, Md., is a biotechnology company specializing in non-animal assay technology and consulting services.
  2. Aloe Therapeutics, based in Darnestown, Md., is working on a locally delivered immunotherapy to deliver cancer cures.
  3. Aquatic Circle LLC, based in Cumberland, Md., is creating nature-based solutions for nutrient recycling, water processing, and waste treatments.
  4. BeneKinetic, based in Rockville, Md., is developing a revolutionary fully-automated AI Coach that improves motivation with virtual group physical therapy exercises, resulting in faster and fuller recoveries from acute and chronic conditions.  We solve the primary barriers to patient motivation – anxiety, helplessness, and lack of support.  Our AI Coach provides expert feedback, guidance, and support as a coach, companion, and cheerleader. Our AI-led virtual group classes combine the fun, energy, and improved adherence of a group class with individual one-on-one instruction. Our SaaS enables self-insured employers and insurance companies to significantly reduce direct and indirect healthcare costs with a SAM of $66 billion per year.
  5. Conjectura LLC, based in Rockville, Md., is working to leverage AI to build ethical and trustworthy AI systems, focusing on the design of effective Machine Learning architectures, and interoperability for a wide area of applications.
  6. Crave Away, based in Oakland, Md., is a biotechnological sciences company specializing in the development of addiction cessation products.
  7. CurveAssure, based in Baltimore, Md., is developing a dynamic spinal assessment tool that provides actionable metrics to guide data-driven, personalized treatment for Adult Spinal Deformity (“ASD”) patients. Our noninvasive at-home wearable monitoring device gathers physiological patient data over a 48-hour period, providing data that current static imagery can’t capture. We are developing a proprietary analysis software and algorithm to process collected data into actionable clinical reports. This report provides physicians with dynamic, patient-specific information to inform their treatment planning and better communicate with their patients.
  8. Drūl, based in Baltimore, Md., is creating a device to use saliva to track and monitor oral health.
  9. EC-DOC, based in Fort Washington, Md., sells Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) credits and byproduct chemical commodities produced from electrochemical direct ocean capture of CO2.
  10. Forager Station, Inc., based in Frederick, Md., is commercializing electrochemical direct lithium extraction (DLE) from saltwater brines using thin, durable, lithium-conducting solid electrolyte membranes.
  11. Gambix, based in Oakland, Md., is an AI company specializing in website building through natural language processing.
  12. Imagining Reality Insights & Solutions Inc. (IRIS), based in Baltimore, Md., is a Maryland C Corporation that develops technological solutions to educational challenges, starting with IRIS READS, a suite of games using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology to support literacy and language skills for children.
  13. Infinite Focus Schools DBA Clymb, based in Baltimore, Md., is a mindfulness and emotional health app for youth.
  14. Lensguide Imaging Technology Inc. (LEGIT), based in Rockville, Md., is developing a nano-photonic imaging micro-endoscope for painless, immediate in vivo cancer detection.
  15. LightSiNC NanoTech LLC, based in Poolesville, Md., is providing customized design, fabrication and testing services for photonics chips from visible to infrared using silicon nitride and silicon carbide nanophotonics platforms.
  16. Mesozoic Technologies, LLC, based in Easton, Md., is a family-owned winery that’s expanding into brandy and has developed an automated still system.
  17. NEOPATHOLOGY CORP., based in Frederick, Md., is developing technologies and products that facilitate processing and development of diagnostics and interpretation of biological processes in health and diseases, and in-vitro diagnostics to address the burden of specific cancers, the shortage of expert pathologist and pathology services, and the inadequacies of pathologist and oncologists to leverage contemporary toolsets for better clinical care.
  18. Odin Electric, based in Centreville, Md., is developing nuclear Small Modular Reactors (SMR) generators for large institutions with individual buildings and/or homeowners with large homes.
  19. SCS Laboratory Solutions, Inc., based in Rockville, Md., was formed to support the development of a device to extend the shelf life of and improve the safe handling of anhydrous and explosive chemicals in synthetic, organic, and research chemistry laboratory spaces.
  20. Somnair, based in Baltimore, Md., is a preclinical medical device company developing a non-invasive neurostimulation device for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.
  21. Studio 60 Technologies, LLC, based in Saint Leonard, Md., is building a personal GIS navigation assistant that will support the mobility impaired. The application will collect navigational data and update in real time. Studio 60 uses natural language processing, machine learning, and decision support systems to provide users with up-to-the-minute routing instructions.
  22. SwiftDock, based in Owings Mills, Md., is a logistics startup developing an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) package delivery system featuring integrated docking stations, ensuring complete separation between customers and our UAVs.
  23. Sybal Corp, based in North Bethesda, Md., is working on a cloud-based solution to provide governance support for regulated industries.
  24. TSESSEBE Technologies, L.L.C., based in Gaithersburg, Md., is a digital health technologies company that delivers technologies for the business, work and personal lives of minority small business owners and the general public.
  25. Voting Buddy, Inc., based in Ashton, Md., helps voters identify like-minded politicians/candidates through an interactive communications platform and community.

For more information about the SBIR/STTR Proposal lab, please visit https://www.tedcomd.com/funding/tech-transfer/federal-tech-transfer/sbirproposal.

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