TEDCO invests in AGED Diagnostics

Maryland-based biotechnology company working to create better early detection for liver disease

COLUMBIA, Md. (September 28, 2023)TEDCO, Maryland’seconomic engine for technology companies, announced recent $200,000 Seed Funds investment into AGED Diagnostics, a biotechnology company. Previously, AGED Diagnostics received a $250,000 investment from TEDCO’s Builder Fund, a funding opportunity that is under the umbrella of our Social Impact Funds.

“1 in 3 Americans have liver disease, but many remain unaware of it until the disease progresses to a stage when it is no longer curable, patient outcomes are poor and/or healthcare costs are burdensome,” said Rachel Zayas, CEO of AGED Diagnostics. “Thanks to TEDCO’s investment we are able to continue our research and development, working towards a future where liver disease can have early detection.”

AGED Diagnostics, based in North Bethesda, Md., is a biotechnology company working to create an early detection and intervention solution for liver disease. Using genomic innovation, the company is working to create a more accurate blood test for liver disease. With this solution, physicians could keep patients in a monitoring program, helping to reduce financial burdens and improve patient outcomes.

“With a possible solution to support early detection of liver disease, patients are more likely to find more cost-efficient and successful outcomes,” said Teddy Gresser, director of TEDCO’s Seed Funds. “TEDCO’s investment in AGED Diagnostics is an investment in the health of each individual; we are happy to be a part of AGED Diagnostics’ journey and research.”

TEDCO’s Seed Funds invests in companies that show promise of becoming venture fundable companies or are companies that, through a seed investment, will be sustainable through customer revenue, follow-on funding, or other forms of corporate venture. For more information or to apply to TEDCO’s Seed Funds, click here.

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