TEDCO Invests in Sonogen Medical

Life science company working to develop ultrasonic bone fracture healing technology

COLUMBIA, Md. (March 11, 2024)TEDCO, Maryland’s economic engine for technology companies, announced a recent $200,000 Seed Funds investment in Sonogen Medical, a medical device company based in Maryland.

“Roughly eight percent of the seven million bone breaks annually in the United States fail to heal on their own. At Sonogen Medical, we are combining decades of experience to create a device that supports faster more efficient healing processes for patients,” said Jason Winder, CEO of Sonogen Medical. “Thanks to TEDCO’s investment we can continue our research and development efforts, propelling us towards an efficient, cost-effective solution.”

Sonogen Medical, based in Baltimore, Md., is a medical device company working to develop and commercialize an ultrasonic bone fracture healing device. By utilizing therapeutic ultrasound signals, the company is working to create a reliable, economical and effective solution for supporting bone growth to assist the patients whose bone breaks fail to heal on their own.

“Sonogen Medical’s innovative technology has a potential for the FDA pathway, making it a good example of companies that could be funded by TEDCO’s Life Science Investment Fund – a fund housed under the umbrella of TEDCO’s Seed Funds,” said Teddy Gresser, director of TEDCO’s Seed Funds. “We hope this funding will support their growth, development and further innovation.”

TEDCO’s Seed Funds are a family of funds focused on investing in early-stage technology companies that show promise of becoming venture fundable companies or that, through a seed investment, will be sustainable through customer revenue, follow-on funding or other forms of corporate venture.

For more information on TEDCO’s funding opportunities, visit www.tedcomd.com/funding.

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