TEDCO Invests in Tomorrow’s Bio Today

Rural Maryland business working to create innovative, cost-effective technologies to improve health

COLUMBIA, Md. (January 10, 2024) – TOMORROWS BIO TODAYTEDCO, Maryland’s economic engine for technology companies, announced a recent $25,000 Rural Business Innovation Initiative (RBII) Rural Pre-Seed Fund investment in Tomorrow’s Bio Today, a biotechnology company. TEDCO’s RBII was designed to enhance technology commercialization and provide technical and business assistance to small and early-stage companies based in rural Maryland.

“We are working to close the gap in animal healthcare by providing physicians with tools to support more efficient and cost-effective care that will hopefully allow for more animals to be treated,” said David White, CEO of Tomorrow’s Bio Today. “Thanks to TEDCO’s investment we can continue development and research toward a solution to the current gaps in animal healthcare.”

TOMORROWS BIO TODAYTomorrow’s Bio Today, based in Princess Anne, Md., is a research and development company with a more cost-effective, efficient, and innovative solution for animal health. The solution, a multi-camera tablet, is a potentially safer and less traumatic alternative to traditional colonoscopies and endoscopies.

“With a disproportion of animals needing medical attention and low numbers of professionals qualified to treat these animals, Tomorrow’s Bio Today is looking to help close the gap and get more animals the treatment they need,” said Bill Bernard, TEDCO’s RBII mentor, lower shore region. “Innovations like this remind us why TEDCO’s RBII program is needed – through the support RBII provides to technology-based companies in rural areas, TEDCO can continue to move the needle forward, creating a more competitive, diverse and sustainable ecosystem.”

For more information about mentoring and funding opportunities from the RBII program, please visit https://www.tedcomd.com/resources/rural-business-innovation-initiative.

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