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I’ve had the honor of working with the MEDA Awards program for the past nine years. Throughout the years, I’ve seen some amazing examples of what passionate, hardworking economic development professionals can achieve for their communities when they strive to make a difference.

The awards have changed slightly over the years, but member support remains a guiding constant. Our members elevate the economic status of Maryland and its people. They foster the dialogue of change, and support MEDA’s efforts to renew jobs and communities. In the spirit of collaboration, our members support each other, nominating colleagues for the MEDA Awards they so deserve.

Kick off fall—and kick up a colleague’s career—by nominating a project, program, or outstanding individual for a MEDA Award.

Here’s why:

You and your staff deserve it.
Everyone needs to know his or her work is appreciated. Give some hard-working economic development professionals the recognition they deserve. They’ll appreciate your support, and perhaps they’ll even return the favor.

Free positive press.
Free positive press is always a good thing! When an individual, project, or program wins a MEDA Award, MEDA shares this news with the media, celebrating the winner and his/her accomplishments on the public stage. As an added bonus, MEDA also spotlights winners on custom YouTube videos.

Highlight your community.
Maryland is amazing. And so are her communities. When an individual or project in a community wins a MEDA Award, the publicity, intrigue, and energy within that community is electric.

Elevate your profession.
You and your colleagues work hard. Celebrate the great work you and your fellow economic development professionals are doing behind the scenes to advance Maryland.

Visit www.MEDAMD.com TODAY to submit a MEDA Awards nomination.

Special thanks to Miles & Stockbridge P.C. for their continued investment in the MEDA Awards.

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