How Well Do You Know the MEDA Awards? A Quick Quiz

While the MEDA Awards Program has been going strong for over 15 years, we sometimes forget that it can be daunting to determine your eligibility for an award. In an attempt to answer frequently asked questions, we’ve put together a quiz for your amusement. See how your knowledge stacks up:

Test your knowledge of the MEDA Awards

  1. To be eligible, submissions in the Project, Program, or Marketing categories must:

A. have a major phase completed within the last three years

B. have been fully completed within the last three years

C. either of the above

If you answered C, you’re correct! A project can have a major phase completed within the last three years OR have fully come to completion within the last three years to be eligible for a MEDA Award. As we know all too well in economic development, progress is a marathon, not a sprint, and major phases of projects or programs deserve their time in the spotlight.  

If this criteria applies to your project or initiative, click here to get the submission process started.

  1. True or False: Nominating a private sector company for a MEDA Economic Development Project Award is a great way to honor their contributions to your community.

True! While the MEDA member does the nominating, the business receives the award—and the glory!

  1. Word Problem: Jay, Alesha, and Sam are volunteers who made magic happen on Main Street. Jay coordinated the funding. Alesha rallied the businesses. Sam expedited the approvals. How many can I nominate for a MEDA Volunteer of the Year Award?

The answer is: all three.

You can nominate multiple volunteers for the MEDA Volunteer of the Year Award. As long as they’re not paid economic developers and they demonstrate outstanding leadership in the field, you can put them forward (submitting nominations for each individual separately). As an additional motivator, it’s free to submit nominations in this and the other individual awards categories. The project, program, and marketing award categories have a $100 submission fee. Nominate here.

  1. Solve: Michael is less than or equal to 40 years old. He’s an ace at capital investment, a community hero, and a MEDA member, too. Is he eligible for a MEDA Rising Star Award?

The answer is: Yes! The MEDA Rising Star Award was developed to honor MEDA Members, age 40 or under (before December 31, 2021), who’ve made lasting imprints on their communities. Nomination is free; click here to begin.

On the same topic, if you’re a MEDA member under the age of 40, MEDA Young Leaders is a prime career networking space. Apply now.

  1. Solve: A quaint Maryland county experienced a population surge. Its population of 15,000 residents rose by 1,000 after a post-lockdown baby boom. Based on recent births, would the county be eligible for an Economic Development Project/Program/Marketing – Small Community or Large Community Award?

The answer is: an Economic Development Project/Program/Marketing – Small Community Award! MEDA defines a “small community” as a county with a population under 200,000. If your county population is above 200,000, nominate away in the “large community” category. Our awards support communities of every size!

We hope you found our Awards Quiz helpful as you prepare your nominations! Friday, December 17 is the deadline to remember.

Links to all award categories are below, so nominate away! 

Project/Program Awards:

Economic Development Program – Small and Large Community Categories

Economic Development Project – Small and Large Community Categories

Economic Development Marketing – Small and Large Community Categories

Individual Awards:

Volunteer of the Year

Rising Star

Hall of Fame

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